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Meet Josh Villavicencio


Say hello to Josh Villavicencio! He has graciously allowed us behind the screen to showcase what his typical day in life is like as a dedicated Raining Virtue team member.

To ensure he remains organized, Josh likes to kick off his days by addressing client communications and taking inventory of the most pertinent daily tasks/meetings he has, ensuring that those priorities align with project objectives.

Navigating the intricacies of large projects, Josh spends the rest of his day balancing team meetings and individual responsibilities, placing a strong emphasis on accountability and continuous learning to ensure he’s delivering results in a timely manner. While the remote world hasn’t made it any easier in fostering professionally relationships, Josh’s communication approach places particular importance on empathy and compassion, cultivating meaningful connections that prove crucial for effective client interactions.

With plenty of opportunities to get his daily walk and workout in, this routine has given Josh the work/life balance that he always wanted, allowing him plenty of time with friends, family, and mother nature.

We deeply appreciate Josh for being part of the Raining Virtue team and his commitment to deliver results done right.