How We Do It

We believe technology has a responsibility to serve the business. And when done right, it creates a progression of higher quality outcomes and positive effects. We also believe our team’s deep expertise and disciplined practices makes us uniquely capable of achieving this day in and out. Our clients believe it too and the good keeps going.


What Guides Our Work,
Drives Our Client’s Success.

Integrity marks every step of our process. These standard Raining Virtue practices guide and inspire our efforts every day.


We give honest assessments and recommendations with clear strategic intent. Then develop agnostic solutions designed to move your business forward without compromising it.


Every solution is conceived and delivered whole. We believe it’s better to build things right the first time than disrupt the business fixing bugs and spending time reworking things.


Integrating technology into a business and culture requires art and science. We bring excellence to both, orchestrating our work as soundly and beautifully as humanly possible.


We ready every system and team member for whatever challenge and risk will come. Stability, security, and scalability is built-in. Just like our promise to never leave a system behind.


We care not to waste the precious resources of our clients or our own. We right-size our client engagements and solutions to whatever capacity their business truly demands.


We strive to be a positive force in our clients’ business and culture. Nothing is more productive than building healthy, open relationships, and enjoying the process together along the way.

Demand-Driven Engagement

Versatility Our Clients Love

Clients appreciate the flexible ways they can engage with our services.
Even more our prudence managing their resources.


Full time, on site

  • Larger programs/projects
  • PMs, Analysts, Devs On Site
  • Blend into on-site teams
  • Trust \ Security
  • Travel to client sites
  • Project based fees


Fractional, remote & on-site

  • Flexible part time resources
  • Primarily remote
  • Consultants work across multiple clients
  • Pay only for what you need


Consulting as a service

  • Predictable, fixed budget subscription fee model
  • Video conference and Interactive chat
  • Outsource managed services
  • On demand resources
  • Virtual services

Depth. Discipline. Diversity.

Our clients recognize the depth of expertise and discipline it takes to know what to do and to do what’s right. Also how our team’s diverse experience and thinking helps us solve just about anything. The only thing they may value more is how attentive and nimble we are in everything we bring.