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Meet Marq Dean

We’re thrilled to welcome Marq Dean to the Raining Virtue team! 

With over 15 years in phygital technologies, user experience, design thinking, and workshop facilitation across various industries, Marq has developed quite a diverse skillset. This distinct background, coupled with Marq’s passion for compassionate, empathetic user experiences and continuous learning is what ultimately led him to joining our diverse team. 

This passion for learning extends far beyond his professional life, with Marq spending his free time either taking his kids on day trips to museums or working as a facilitator for Seattle University’s College of Science and Engineering’s capstone projects. Additionally, Marq is deeply involved with local veterans’ organizations, allowing him to give back to his community that he cares so deeply about. 

We’re so grateful to have Marq joining us here at Raining Virtue and know that he’ll strive to provide results done right!