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Meet Ben Lormis

Meet Ben Lormis, the latest addition to the Raining Virtue team! Ben brings an extensive background in the industry with over 30 years of tech expertise across healthcare, entertainment, and retail.

Ben’s journey began as a systems engineer, excelling in messaging, mobile apps, and video streaming at scale, and even leading the launch of a new mobile phone service. Transitioning to product and strategy, he oversaw the cloud strategy for a Fortune 50 company before joining the RV team.

Above all else, Ben enjoys spending time with his family, as well as the plethora of hobbies that keep him busy, including woodworking and experimenting with 80’s synths. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, he likes to unwind with the many great hikes within the region, as well as taking an annual road trip on his motorcycle. Ben embodies the authentic, multifaceted spirit that resonates within Raining Virtue, and we’re so excited to have him as a part of the team!