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Raining Virtue is a leading consulting firm specialized in technology integration. We help companies align technology with their business strategy, process and culture. Clients rely on our team to create a higher quality experience and result doing what absolutely fits and drives their business. It’s also our mission: Results done right.

We work with clients across many industries handling their most critical and complex business endeavors. Our seasoned managers, analysts, systems techs and engineers provide clients with full range of services: program leadership, business applications and system integration, as well as supplementary IT managed services.

Clients can also adapt and scale these services to whatever their business needs with our demand-driven engagement options: standard full time/in-office, flex/part-time and subscription-based, consulting as a service.

Integrity marks every step of the Raining Virtue process. We are guided by our work philosophy, standards and prudence engaging with clients. All designed to ensure technology is always serving the business without compromising it.

We’re a Consulting Firm & Family

We are not only a growing team of seasoned, hard working consultants. Our passion serving clients and upholding RV standards is equaled supporting each other’s careers and community life. We keep a challenging and collegial work environment where our people choose to stay long-term and victories are celebrated large and small. We also embrace each other’s diversity and interests. And walk the talk looking for opportunities to make our world and each other’s community a better place. The result is a quality work experience for everyone.

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Our Leadership

Raining Virtue leaders are actively involved with every client and fully accessible.

Head shot: Jon Fleming

Jon Fleming

Chief Executive Officer

Jon has over 25 years of experience as a consulting professional helping clients achieve their business objectives.

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Head Shot: Troy Anderson

Troy Anderson

Managing Director, Business Operations

Troy Anderson has over 20 years of experience in consulting and business leadership and is a driving force behind Raining Virtue.

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We’re always on the lookout for seasoned expertise in business and technology. Please browse our open positions and send us an email with your resume.

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