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Integration Experts

We are Kronos, Microsoft Dynamics, and IFS system integration experts. Whether you’re consolidating, integrating or upgrading systems, our experienced consulting professionals incorporate proven methods, tools and utilities to ensure timely, accurate and successful migrations. Our methods, tools and utilities provide the following.

  1. A simple way to organize migration scripts (scripts are stored in a SQL database)
  2. An automated extract generation in SQL Loader Format
  3. A way to specify lookup values outside of vendor supplied migration tools
    •  This results in fewer migration runs
  4. A user friendly web application to administer migration processes and steps
    • Specialized client tools are not required
  5. An automatically generated pre-migration database
    • Allows business to perform pre-validation before actual migration is preformed
    • Greatly reduces the number of migration passes required
    • Provides reporting capabilities
  6. Can be run without any specialized client tools, only a web-browser is required